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five minute face

90 min

introduction and instruction to basic principals and techniques of priming for makeup, and executing makeup on skin, eyes, cheeks and lips for everyday wear.

mastering mature makeup

90 min

in-depht consultation and instruction on customized makeup techniques and product choices for women over the age of 40.

product purge

90 min

analysis of what product to keep and what to toss as well as a custom reassembling of a makeup bag that makes sense.

brush up

45 min

thorough examination and explanation of makeup brushes and other tools used to create a beautiful makeup look.

science of smokey

60 min

analysis and identification of eye shape and in-depth instruction on how to achieve a flattering and flawless smokey eye.

lash lab

45 min

custom consultation, product recommendation and instruction to achieve desirable lash look as well as instruction on application, removal and care of false lashes.

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